Earned Media
Connect with the most passionate
content creators online.
Reaching consumers with a trusted message on social media is more difficult
and expensive than ever. Klout Perks solves this problem.

Trusted Content Creators

Direct access to millions of influencers with unparalleled trust and reach.

Authentic Earned Media

Compelling content about your brand shared on social media.

Cost-Efficient Results

Branded social content delivered at 1/5 the cost of other channels.

Why Earned Media Matters
Earned media isn’t new. Consumers have been talking about your brand for years on social media, and because 92% of people trust their peers, it’s had a major impact. In fact, earned media provides 4x the brand lift of paid ads.
But it’s never been more important to build earned media into your plan. Reaching consumers through organic and paid channels is increasingly difficult and expensive.
Klout Perks connects the world’s top brands with the most powerful content creators online to easily and scalably create authentic earned media that works.
Retweets on content from Klout influencers
Clicks from content produced by Klout influencers
Time on site for people referred by Klout influencers
Proven Effectiveness
We have run over 500 campaigns, producing more than 10B pieces of branded content, for the world’s most successful marketers.
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